Electric Solar Power Systems-Brief History And Uses

Solar Power And A Brief History

Solar power is derived by harnessing energy from the sun and converting it into other forms for use.There are two types of energy produced by the sun. One is Light and the other is Heat.

Photovoltaic (PV) Panels convert sunlight into Direct Current (DC) while Solar Thermal is the technology which utilizes the sun’s heat for heating and also for electricity production.

History teaches us that solar power,which is a subset of solar energy, has been used by humans as early as the 7th century B.C. where they light fire by using a magnifying glass material.The Romans and the Greeks used mirrors to light torches which in my view led to the development of Concentrated Solar Power (CSP).

Bell Labs developed the first modern silicon photovoltaic cell in 1954,which allowed solar power to become a viable source of energy but was too costly for commercial use.Much of the early PV technology was pioneered by the U.S. government and as a result in 1958,the U.S.Naval Research Labatory launched the first spacecraft to use solar panels.

There are basically two types of solar power systems.One which produces electricity and the other produces thermal energy for water and space heating,In our discussion we will also be looking at the different types of electric solar power systems and why they should be utilized in powering our businesses and homes.

Types Of Electric Solar Power Systems

There are four main types of electric solar power systems. These are

  1. Grid Tied
  2. Grid Tied With Battery Backup
  3. Grid Assisted
  4. Off Grid

Grid Tied Electric Solar Power System

In the grid tied electric solar power system,the solar panels and the inverter are tied in to the electric power grid,otherwise called the domestic power supply.This is done to offset the cost of your elecric bill and can also be a revenue source in that the utility company pays you for any excess power supplied to the grid.This means if you use less power than what the solar system generates,the rest is fed to your utility provider.This process is called net billing.

This system offers the lowest system cost and the best return on investment.It is best suited for those who want to save money on their energy cost.The disadvantage of this type of system is whenever there is a power outage,the system will shut down.So if you are in an area where there are frequent disruptions to your power supply,you may want to choose a different system.

Grid Tied With Battery Backup

Living in an area where your utility power is unrealiable can be a headache especially when you are in the midst of doing something which requires electricity.A grid tied electric solar system with a backup battery bank is a solution to that problem.This system has two inverters connected to it. One which is tied to the grid and the second provides electricity to the appliances.

This system will definitely be more costly that the one earlier because of the additional components which have to be installed.It also has more technical challenges due to the fact that calculations have to be worked out in order to determine the size inverter,cabling and battery bank needed.

Whenever there is an electrical outage from your utility provider,your battery bank provides power to the secondary inverter which transform the direct current from the batteries,into alternating current for use.Net metering can also be incorporated with this system.

Grid Assisted Solar Power System

A grid assisted solar power system is similar the the ones mentioned before.However this system uses the utility grid as a back up source.This means that the grid will turn on automatically when the batteries are low on power.

Off Grid Solar system

The off grid electric solar power system is completely independent of the utility grid.These are typically employed where there is no utility power available,or it is too costly to install because of the distance from your home to the grid.This system is similar to the grid assisted system with the exception of a grid tied inverter.An off grid inverter is used instead to convert the dc power from the solar panels,into alternating current for household and commercial use.

Hybrid Solar Power System

A hybrid solar power system is one that combines solar power from photovoltaic modules with power from other power generating source or sources,stores that power in a battery bank and/or sell that excess power to the utility company if such an arrangement is available in your territory.

A diesel generator can be used in this scenario but in keeping with idea of using renewable energy sources,a windmill would be my product of choice.

Solar Trackers

Solar Trackers are devices which are used to direct solar panels toward the sun while changing its orientation with the movement of the sun.This is done to maximize the amount of energy which is produced by the sunlight on a daily basis.Fixed solar panels only produce a fraction of the energy which is produced by panels on a tracker.

Trackers however can be a bit expensive so one would have to decide whether to add additional panels to an installation for increased power,or to invest in a tracker system.

Reasons For Investing In Electric Solar Power Systems

Solar power systems use the energy from the sun to produce electricity and / or heat for millions of people around the world.These systems provide clean,renewable energy to their users and as a result,help to create a cleaner environment.Electric solar power systems are eco friendly products because they do not pollute the atmosphere as gas and diesel electric power producing products do.

The use of solar electric power systems reduces your utility electricity bill and they also have a low maintenance cost.The return on investment in solar energy is also a great reward for incorporating solar in your energy mix.The return on investment can range between ten to thirty percent and can pay for itself in about eight to ten years.

Some states in the USA provide tax credit (ITC) for owners of solar power systems which can be claimed as a credit on your federal tax return.This is available for both resedential and commercial owners.The value of your property also increases with the installation of an electric solar system.

These are some of the main reasons why investing in solar energy is a win for you as a customer and for the environment which we all have a duty to protect.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is,we all have a responsibility to protect the environment by investing in eco friendly products and devices that will help to save our planet,while at the same time saving money.There was a study at the Univerdity of Texas which shows that natural gas,solar and wind are the cheapest ways to generate electricity,

While the start up cost may be more expensive presently, the long term savings is worth every penny.I would therefore encourage you to make an investment in Electric Solar Power by checking with your country or state to find out the incentives that are available for such and investment.

Lets go green together.






Why Use Eco Friendly Products – Sustaining Our Environment

Importance Of Using Eco Friendly Products

The term Eco friendly simply means earth friendly,so as a result of that,non eco friendly means it is not earth friendly.

The use of non Eco friendly products and materials are generally not recyclable and they also have harmful and toxic chemicals and materials as part of their manufacturing processes,which is harmful to the environment and can also affect the health of the individuals, pets and wildlife in general.

So therefore the use of Eco friendly products and materials will achieve a more sustainable environment which will be beneficial to all.

Reasons We Use Eco Friendly Products


Some of the reasons we use Eco friendly products are to conserve on energy,to reduce air,water,soil and noise pollution and to also live healthier lives.

These are some of the benefits of going green and i believe we all have a part to play in the process.

We cut our carbon emissions when we incorporate solar,wind and bio fuel to our energy mix.

By doing these things, we lessen the amount of fossil fuel we use on a day to day basis which ultimately results in cleaner air to breathe.

Although they may be more expensive than the ordinary gas and diesel powered ones right now,the use of electric vehicles are fast becoming the transportation of choice for a lot of people around the world.

Norway is presently leading the world with the most electric cars per capita,where about 3.3 percent of the total population owns one.

They are followed by the Netherlands,Sweeden,Belgium and the United States of America. China has 1.28 million electric cars on the road which is by far the most of any country in the world at present,and has a population of over 1.3 billion people,

The United States comes in second with a total of 762,000 cars and a population of 328 million people.The trend is going in the right direction which will ultimately lead to a cleaner environment.

The use of biodegradeable materials are paramount in our quest for sustaining the soil.Certain materials such as plastic,alumimium,copper,batteries etc are not degradeable yet they end up in landfills,water ways and forests all over the world.

These materials also end up in the sea which is very harmful to marine life.We therefore have a critical role to play in ensuring that we all use more Eco friendly products on a day to day basis.and support businesses which are incorporates eco friendly practices in their business models.

Leading Countries In Eco Friendly Practices

By now we all should have an understanding what being Eco friendly really means.Now we want to have a discussion on the countries that are leading the way in helping with the effort to reduce bad environmental practices.

Ladies and gentlemen climate change is not a hoax as some would have you believe. It is real so we have to champion those who are doing their best to reduce climate change and also encourage others to do the same.

China,a country known for one of the highest rates of carbon emissions in the world,is actually leading the way in the manufacturing and use of solar panels and wind turbines.It is said that on a sunny day in that country,the sun can hardly be seen at times so we have to encourage them to continue to build out their renewable energy infrastructure and bit by bit make redundant those coal generated plants which are harmful to the environment.

The United States,Japan and the United Kingdom are the other top leaders in this endeavour and we encourage them all to continue despite the push back they might face from others who are not so kind to these ideas.

So far Germany is practicing responsible waste management,in that they recycle over 60% of their waste,whereas France is the leader in water and air quality.Canada leads the way in the green building industry which is growing rapidly while Finland is the champion when it comes to forest protection.

There a lot more countries involve in the fight against climate change and we salute all of them All these efforts combined,are good for us as a global community and we encourage those countries and individuals who are not yet so inclined, to get involved in this revolution.

Things We Can Do To Stop Climate Change

We all as individuals have an important role to play in Eco friendly practices.The earth is getting warmer,prolonged drought and adverse weather conditions are getting more intense and the production of crops are being adversly affected.

David Suzuki said this.In a world of more than seven billion people,each of us is a drop in the bucket.But with enough drops,we can fill any bucket.

There are some things we can do collectively to stop,or at least alter the emission of greenhouse gases.Some of these things are:

  • Investing in renewable energy
  • Be more conservative with our energy use
  • Using more energy efficient devices and appliances
  • Investing in recycling methods
  • Drive fuel efficient vehicles

These are just a few of the things we can employ in our daily routines to cut our carbon emissions and be on our way to a more sustainable environment.

The Do’s And Donts For An Eco Friendly Environment


  • Turn off lights when not in use and always use LED lights whenever possible
  • Ensure appliances are Energy Star rated
  • Ensure work areas are not over or under heated
  • Ensure equipment are properly maintained
  • Reduce paper usage and put recyclables in a recycle bin
  • Use power saving options on all electronic devices
  • Install photocels on outside lightings
  • Unplug appliances when not in use
  • Plant a tree whenever possible
  • Use more Eco friendly cleaning products
  • Use reusable utensils


  • Do not place regular trash in recycle bins
  • Dont set the levels of your cooling or heating system too low or too high
  • Do not litter
  • Dont leave vehicles running when not in use
  • Dont use harmful chemicals indoor as this can lead to respiratory problems or even death
  • Do not purchase or use personal care products that are loaded with toxins

These are some of the things we can incorporate in our daily lives.Being smart in our decision making,is critical in ensuring that we save the planet because it is the only one we have.

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Renewable Energy Is Evolving

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